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G&P Machinery Light Pole Polisher Indianapolis Indiana

Light Pole Polisher 4
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Wolfhead & Vonnegut Sanding Heads

Manufacturer of Grinding and Polishing Machinery Designer and

Builder of Special Machinery for Specific Grinding Applications

Light Pole Polisher


• See back page for optional belt attachment, guards, or special modifiations.

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Light Pole Polisher

Polishes light poles up to 40 FT. long with

(3) 15 H.P. grinders using 6" x 132" belts.

Light Pole Polisher
Wolfhead Polishing Machinery Light Pole Polisher 1 Light Pole Polisher 2
Light Pole Polisher 5


Brush backed sanding head is

perfect for sanding and polishing

flat, contour and irregular shapes

Variable and single

speed polishing Lathes

Shown with optional belt attachments

and tool rest. 5 to 20 H.P.

32 brush Wolfhead is mounted

on a UA polishing lathe sanding

moldings as they exit a molder.

Belt Adaptor

Converts spindle stands to

abrasive belt grinders.

Spindle Stands


2 H.P. – 1200 or 1800 RPM.

Shown with pneumatic drum


2,3 or 5 H.P. 1200 or

1800 RPM. Shown

without gaurds

Pedestal Grinders

For off-hand grinding 2 to 7.5 H.P.

Platen Grinders Vertical or Horizontal

Wet or dry, available in 2 to 15 H.P.

Lathe Mounted Polishers

Converts lathe into O.D. polisher. 2 to 7.5 H.P.

Cylindrical Polishers

Polishes straight or tapered shafts and

cylinders from 5” to 3.5” diameters.

Standard Products


Swing Frame Grinders

Abrasive belt and hard wheel 2 to 25 H.P.

Stroke Sanders

Table size are 4, 6 and 8 feet long.

Options and accessories available.

Lathe Mounted Roll Grinders

A variety of contact wheels are

available making this grinder ideal

for both roughing and finishing.


Precision bearings and tapered

spindle assure holding close

tolerances and uniform finish.

BackStand Idlers

Spring and air tension

Custom Built Machines

Power Grid

High pressure grinders reciprocating &

rise and fall tables. 25 to 75 H.P. Single

or dual motor. Single or multiple

pass grinding.

Cylinder Grinder

Abrasive belt grinding of ice cream beater

blades to ± .002” tolerance.

Rotary indexing Machines

Brushing turbine blades with nylon brushes

Modified Standards

Right Angle I.D. Grinder

Reciprocating Grinder

Semi automatic and programmable.

Grind Assist Tables

Pneumatic and hydraulic


Manual & self propelled

Light Pole Polisher

made in USA

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