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Wolfhead & Vonnegut Sanding Heads made in USA

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Grinding and Polishing Machinery Corporation was incorporated on May 27, 1952, but the roots extend far beyond that date.  Vonnegut Moulder Corporation, incorporated on September 5, 1930, was the predecessor to G & P, and in 1931 Vonnegut Moulder acquired the exclusive manufacturing and sales rights for Marschke Grinders and Buffers, which had been manufactured by the Marschke Manufacturing Company.  When Black and Decker acquired Marschke Grinders and Buffers in 1926, they had already been known nationally for over a decade, putting roots down to around 1916.


In addition to manufacturing Marschke Grinders and Buffers, and Cylindrical Grinding Machines, Vonnegut Moulder Corporation manufactured the Vonnegut Moulder, one of the best known moulders in the woodworking industry in the thirties and forties, and the Vonnegut brush backed sanding heads, since redesigned and renamed Wolf Head Sanding and Polishing wheels.  The manufacturing rights to the moulder were sold in 1949 to Diehl Manufacturing Company, and in 1952, several members of the Vonnegut management team formed Grinding and Polishing Machinery and acquired the remaining manufacturing rights of the Vonnegut business.


During the late fifties and early sixties, improvements in coated abrasive products made abrasive belt grinding competitive with grinding wheels in the metalworking markets, leading the company to develop a full line of abrasive belt grinders.  Since the inception of the Company, Special Machinery has been an important part of the business, and the company has maintained an engineering and design department for this purpose.


The current product mix consists of Special Machinery, a standard line of Abrasive Belt Grinders and the Wolf Head Sanding and Polishing Wheels. G&P Machinery is your only choice for the Top Grinding Machine Manufacturers in North America.

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