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Wolfhead & Vonnegut Sanding Heads


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The Wolfhead™ is ideal for:

• Satin finishing of aluminum extrusions and stainless steel trim

• Deburring sprockets, gears and other parts

• Blending operations and surface preparation prior to painting.


Compared to other polishing wheels, the Wolfhead is more aggressive than nylon wheels and less agressive than flap wheels.



Other Materials

The Wolfhead™ is used on fiberglass for sanding:

* Helmets

* Automotive Parts

* Marine parts



Operating Techniques

Very little experience is required; however, to ensure good operating habits, certain precautions should be taken when using the Wolfhead for the first time.


When the work piece is applied to the head, the brushes “yield” to permit abrasive to flow into the depression and “envelop” irregular surfaces. The Wolfhead gives a softer feel than is common

with grinding wheels, sanding drums, buffing wheels, and other devices. Therefore, while there may be an initial tendency to use excessive pressure against the work piece, this action destroys the abrasive and permaturely wears the brushes with no increase

in production.


If the wheel is not cutting fast enough, rather than pushing harder, a courser grit of abrasive should be used or the speed should be increased.


For most applications, the abrasive is extended from 1/2” to 1” beyond the tips of the brushes. It is important to maintain that distance by releasing new abrasive as the old wears away. If the abrasive is allowed to wear down to a length even with the ends

of the brushes, rapid brush will be experienced.



Easy to Load

The abrasive is stored in the wheel. As it wears, fresh abrasive is released. Installing new abrasive is done easily and quickly with packaged coated abrasive available in a variety of grits, bonds, and shreds from regular sources.

Satin finishing stainless part

Close-up of blending operation



Better, Easier, and Faster

The Wolfhead™ sands all classes of

shaped surfaces:

• Mouldings

• Intricate Carvings

• Furnitre Parts

• Assemblies


The Wolfhead is used for:

• Sanding out rough areas and

raised grain

• Sanding machined surfaces of

wood and other fibrous materials

• Sealer Sanding


Follow the Contour


The Wolfhead Sanding Wheel lowers cost and reduces rejection rates associated with sanding mouldings and shaped wooden parts. The Wolfhead provides consistent finishes to both flat and intricate surfaces. Cusioning bristles work the abrasive strips into and around:


* Hollow Surfaces

*Fluted Surfaces

* Small Openings

Wolfhead™ --- Choice of Models


The basic principle of the Wolfhead is the same as its predecessor, the Vonnegut Brish Backed Sanding Head. Strips of the abrasive are held together with a cloth loop and are wound around a pin assembly in the center of the wheel. These strips extend between and beyond the brushes and as the abrasive wears

away, new material is released.


The abrasive strips are usually slashed in 1/8” or 1/4” segments across the width. Because the new abrasive is released to replace the worn, the wheel diameter remains constant.


This eliminates the need for adjustment in speed or position for wheel wear. The end result is the most consistent finish available!


The choice between a 32 brush wheel and a 16 brush wheel is often determined by the speed of the equipment available for driving the wheel. For most applications, recommended speeds are 1200 rpm for the 32 brush wheel, and 1800 rpm for the 16 brush wheel.


Occasionally, the radius of a part will place restrictions on the wheel diameter. Without the limitation of machine speed or part size, the 32 rush wheel is most likely the best choice. The 12 brush wheel s almost always used for portable applications where it is mounted on a hand held tool.

Wolfhead™ Specifications

W4-10 W4-11 W4-12 W4-13 W4-14 W4-15 W4-16 W4-17 W4-18 W4-19 W4-9

* The 12 brush head does not have a though bore; therefore, it cannot be mounted in the the spindle of a buffing lathe or on a motor as in common practice with the larger wheels. Instead, a choice of mounting adapters is avaliable for mounting on the threaded shaft of a portable lathe or

in a chuck.


* A 1/2” diameter male adapter is avaliable for chuck mounting. Female adapters with the following

threaded hole sizes are avaliable for mounting on tools that have a threaded shaft: 5/8” - 11, 1/2” - 13, 1/2” - 20, and 3/8” -2. A 1/4” blank adapter is available for requirements other than those listed. Metric adapters are also available.


Standard Trim and Long Trim Brushes

Standard trim brushes have a bristle length of 1 1/2”, and are suitable for most applications. Long trim brushes have a bristle length of 3 1/2”, and are available for sanding parts that require a longer brush to reach deep recessed areas - and for applications requiring softer touch. The long trim brushes increase the diameter of the wheel by 4”; therefore, the speed of the wheel should be reduced to take advantage of the softer brushes. Due to ongoing product improvements and refinements, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

32 Brush

16 Brush

12 Brush

32 Brush

Standard Trim

2” Width

32 Brush

Long Trim

2” Width

16 Brush

Standard Trim

2” Width

16 Brush

Long Trim

2” Width


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