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CYLINDRICAL Polisher_11-10.png


Polishes straight or tapered shafts and cylinders from .5" to 3.5" diameters.


Straight or tapered parts of metal, plastics, wood, glass, fiberglass, molded rubber, fiber


Double Belt — Single Belt Rough and Finish in One Pass On Double Belt Machine

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 4.07.21 PM.png

Because the part makes contact with the abrasive belt in an unsupported area, it is possible to polish tapered parts and straight parts.


Double Belt Machine 

TYPE CF – 80B2

Range of work diameter 1/2”-3”

Head drive motor 5 H.P. – 3 Phase


Abrasive belt (5” x 73”)

Belt speed 3500 SFPM

Feed speed 20-65 FPM

Machine size (LxWxH) 28x28x53

Net weight 1080 lbs

Gross weight 1200 lbs

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