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Wolfhead & Vonnegut Sanding Heads


Wolfhead Brush Backed Sanding Head

The Wolfhead is ideal for:


* Satin finishing of aluminum extrusions and stainless steel trim

* Deburring sprockets, gears, and other parts

* Blending operations and surface preparation prior to painting


Compared to other polishing wheels, the Wolfhead is more aggressive than nylon wheels and less aggressive than flap wheels. 


Other materials: 

The Wolfhead is used on fiberglass for sanding: 

* Helmets

* Automotive Parts

* Marine Parts


Metal Working

Better, Easier, and Faster: 

The Wolfhead sands all classes of shapes and surfaces: 

* Mouldings

* Intricate Carvings 

* Furniture Parts

* Assemblies


The Wolfhead is used for:

* Sanding out rough areas and raised grain 

* Sanding machined surfaces of wood and other fibrous materials 

* Sealer sanding

* To order more abrasive loadings just specifiy:  Quantity, Size, Grit, Abrasive, Bond, and Shred Width"  Please email: or give us a call for current pricing and availability for any of our abrasive loadings. Click here to learn more.



Follow The Contour 


The Wolfhead Sanding Wheel lowers cost and reduces rejection rates associated with sanding mouldings and shaped wooden parts. The Wolfhead provides consistent finishes to both flat and intricate surfaces. Cushioning bristles work the abrasive strips into and around: 

* Corners

* Fluted surfaces

* Hollow surfaces

* Small openings 

Easy To Load 

The abrasive is stored in the wheel. As it wears, fresh abrasive is released. Installing new abrasive is done easily quickly with packaged coated abrasive available in a variety of grits, bonds, and shreds from 

regular sources.


Brush & Brush Holders 

Abrasive Loadings 

W4-7 copy.png

Standard Trim and Long Trim Brushes 

Standard trim brushes have a bristle length of 1 1/2", and are suitable for most applications.  Long trim brushes have a bristle length of 3 1/2", and are available for sanding parts that require a longer brush to reach deep recessed areas - and for applications requiring a softer touch. The long trim brushes increase the diameter of the wheel by 4"; therefore, the speed of the wheel should be reduced to take advantage of the softer brushes.

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