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Operating & Maintenance instructions 

FOR MODELS: B290-5, B390-5, B490-5

B290-7, B390-7, B490-7




Motor: 5 or 7 1/2 H.P., 3450 RPM, TEFC, 184T Frame.Rated for continuous service. Starter: IEC Magnetic Push Button with overload protection.

Motor Pully: 6” dia. x 4-1/4” width (2 degree crown). Abrasive Belt Size: 2” - 3” or 4” wide x 90” long - Width dependent on model.

Abrasive Belt Speed: 5500 SFPM (7500 SFPM optional)

Contact Wheel: 8” dia. x2” face-3” face or 4” face-Serrated Face.


Be sure all guards are in place with the door closed when operating this equipment. Always wear eye protection. When using as a swing grinder, the operator must have a clear level area on which to stand, and the operator’s hands should be kept on the handlebars of the grinder when operated as a swing grinder. Failure to heed this warning may result in serious injury.


All ball bearings (motor and contact wheel) are 

sealed-for-life.Two Alemite settings . . . one on the swivel casting and one on the swing casting . . . require periodic lubrication with a good grade of grease as use dictates, or at least once every three months.


The belt tracking knob provides a threaded lateral pivoting adjustment of the contact wheel shaft for centering or tracking the abrasive belt on the contact wheel.


The pivot lock controls the pivot adjustment . . . to move the contact wheel up or down. It can be locked at any point in the arc of travel. The swivel lock controls the swivel adjustment . . . to tip the contact wheel radially to left or right. This too can be locked at any point. The pivot lock and swivel lock can be used independently . . . or in combination.


Tensioning of the abrasive belt is accomplished by the use of an air cylinder and hand valve. The amount of tensioning can be adjusted by increasing the amount of air pressure shown on the regulator gauge. The normal setting is around 30 psi.


To change the Contact Wheel Tire . . . remove the screws holding the outer ange, remove the flange, then remove the old tire and install the new tire. Be sure the rim of the new tire is on the pilot or shoulder of inside hub before replacing outer flange.


MODELS -- B290-5, B390-5, B490-5

B290-7, B390-7, B490-7

MODELS -- B290-5, B390-5, B490-5

B290-7, B390-7, B490-7

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