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Grind Assist Table.png

grind assist table

Pneumatic and Hydraulic

GA-10 Control Panel 2 of 2.png

Standard Specifications

• 3 1/4” Bore x 9” stroke air cylinder for up and down movement.

• 2” Bore x 3” stroke air cylinder for in and out movement.

• Adjustable infeed stop with lock for grind depth control.

• Air control panel with manual valves, regulators and gages. Panel can be mounted on either side.

• Adjustable stop on table height for in and out plunge grinding.


• Tee-Slotted Table top (not shown)


• Hydro-check

• Air Logic controls

For pressure Grinding Adaptable to Existing Equipment or available with New G+P Grinders for use with Abrasive Belts only.


Do Not Use with Grinding Wheels

Using with Grinding Wheels May Result in Serious Injury


Always wear eye protection when grinding. Be sure all guards are in place.

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