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4 Reasons To Use a Modern Stroke Sander for Furniture Building

Building large pieces of furniture like kitchen tables or cabinets requires skilled craftsmanship. While you may have the hand skills to create details, custom machinery can go a long way in creating beautiful and timeless pieces that you sell or keep for a personal collection. Custom machines have design features and attributes that fit your needs.

As you build larger-scale pieces of furniture, you may consider the installation of a modern stroke sander for your shop. Learn how a new stroke sander can provide a host of benefits and help streamline the furniture-making process.

1. Large Scale Sanding & Time Saving Techniques

The biggest advantage of a stroke sander is the size of the machine. Instead of using a smaller sander to go over a surface, a stroke sander is ideal for larger pieces like doors, cabinet sides, or table tops. Entire pieces can connect securely to the machine.

The large sanding belt built into the stroke sander will cover a much larger surface area in a shorter amount of time. You can save time with these bigger pieces, especially as you get used to the stroke sander, and can apply it to larger pieces for the various projects you work on.

When you quickly complete the stroke sanding element, you will have more time to focus on other details and smaller elements of the furniture building process.

2. Hot Spot Sanding Avoidance

A stroke sander provides an even sanding process across large surfaces. With smaller sanders, you may run into problems associated with sanding hot spots. A hot spot occurs when one area has been sanded down too much. You do not want to waste pieces and materials if you consistently run into sanding hot spot issues.

The stroke sander will go across evenly on large sections to ensure all of the pieces look uniform in scale. You will adapt a flow and have multiple adjustment options to ensure the sanding applies evenly. For example, a quick adjustment knob on a stroke sander allows you to change the height of the table fence based on the thickness of the material.

3. Safety In Large-Scale Sanding

As you shop for stroke sanders, you will want to look for new options based on the safety options alone. The modern sanders have a number of built-in features that keep your health and safety in mind. Quick shut-off switches can turn the sander off at any moment.

Built-in guards prevent your hands and arms from going near the automatic sander while in operation. Latches and attachments will keep the materials in place so the sudden friction of the sander does not cause large pieces to move off of the device and potentially cause injuries.

The machines also come with built-in sensors to prevent overload, overheating, and other safety issues that may occur. The safety features will enhance the process and create a safe work environment every time you need to sand large pieces.

4. Accessory Options

When you order a stroke sander, you have the opportunity to add accessories to fit your needs. The examples can enhance the way you use the stroke sander and provide different applications for different projects. For example, you may add a contact wheel assembly to the sander.

The contact wheel allows you to focus on more detailed areas of wood. For example, if you have some curved edges of a cabinet door, then the contact wheel will help you sand down on the small curves without the need to move the pieces to a whole other machine or workbench.

As you order a stroke sander, you can view a full list of accessory options and see which ones fit your needs with specific furniture projects.

For more information on stroke sanders and machine purchases, contact us at G&P Machinery. We can supply a stroke sander to fit your needs and supply you with ideal sanding for years to come.

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