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PowerGrind -Dual Side 1 (2).png

power grinder

High pressure grinders. 

Reciprocating & rise and fall tables. 

25 to 75 H.P. 

Single or dual motor. 

Single or multiple pass grinding.



PG-60S-SS-W_final (4).png

Dual Motor Grinder – Reciprocating Table on the left. Rise and Fall Table on the right with cam for grinding contours.

PowerGrind -Dual Side 1 (2).png

Reduces abrasive costs & Reduces labor costs

•Grind flat or Curved Surfaces 

•25 to 75 Horsepower 

•Programmable Controls 

•Single End or Double End

•Single Motor or Double Motor

•Horizontal Reciprocating Table

•Rise and Fall 

•Rotary Fixture

Power Grind Cnc.png

MODEL                  MOTOR

PG 25S-SS             25HP

PG 25D-SS             25HP (2)

PG 30S-SS             30HP

PG 30D-SS             30HP (2)

PG 40S-SS             40HP

PG 40D-SS             40HP

PG 50S-SS             50HP

PG 50D-SS             50HP

PG 75S-SS             75HP

PG 75D-SS             75HP (2)

• Single speed of 7500 SFPM – Standard

• Belt size: Length – 132” Standard Width – 10” Maximum 

• Heavy Duty 3 7/18 “bore spindle bearings"

• Pneumatic tensioning for abrasive belts

• Electronically controlled pneumatic brake

Brochure Machines2_w_large-02.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 2.36.34 PM.png


• Variable Speed 

• Belt Oscillation 

• Belt Break Interlock ACCESSORIES: 

Reciprocating Table-Standard horizontal movement-28’ Standard clearance- 3-3/4” min, 10” max

Rise and Fall table Table-Vertical movement – 8” standard Horizontal movement – 5” standard


•Automatic Feed System.

•Automatic shut-off if belt breaks... A safety feature which provides an interlock to the idler system causing the fixture to react. Single motor

• Single End Grinder with Reciprocating Table

Rotary fixture on Rise & Fall Table.The casting is moved into position then rotated up to 108 degrees removing the risers. This picture shows a finished and unfinished part side by side.

Dual Motor Grinder – left side equipped with reciprocating table and rotary fixture for grinding large circular parts or multiple grinding of small parts.

Right side equipped with rise and fall table and horizontal rotary fixture for grinding small parts that have a radius.

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