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Special Combination Buffer:Abrasive Belt

special combination buffer/abrasvie belt grinder

Models S-7677-E & S-7677-E-OH

S-7622-E Combination Belt Buff (2).png
S-7622-E Combination Belt Buff (1).png
PR-2215-E 1 of 5.png

Model: S-7677-E 

(as shown in the photos) with the belt on the left hand side and buff on the right.

Model: S-7677-E-OH

opposite hand with the belt on the right hand side and buff on the left.

Both Models:

* 15 Horsepower

* 6 x 132 abrasive belt on either left or right hand side of the machine, abrasive belt speed is 5,500 sfpm

* 14’’ x 6’’ wide serrated contact wheel


* 16’’ diameter x 6’’ wide (maximum) x 1 1/4’’ bore buffing wheel at approx.. 1540 RPM


*Suspension bar to hand grinder

*Adjustable swivel that can be locked into place

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